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Re: incremental backups via ftp

Hi Volker,

On Thu, August 23, 2007 09:26, v.lieder@gmx.de wrote:
> i have read your mail, have you heard about bacula? Perhaps this is a
> solution for you. If you want we can talk about setting up a bacula-client
> on your server and i give you space on my bacula-sds.

thanks for your reply, and thanks for your offer. I've heard about bacula
and know it requires a bacula-server. However, as we have a limited amount
of free outbound traffic, we'd probably exhaust this when doing backups
(inbound traffic to the provider's ftp server is free).

Although, I wanted to gather information how to do this with the setup
already in place, not requiring additional servers.

> An other solution is to work with rsync i think.
> But its not so easy to handle incremental backups with rsync.

If rsync is available, rsnapshot comes to mind: incremental backups with
rsync using hardlinks. However, stock rsnapshot backups only to local

make bzImage, not war

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