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Re: Confused!

2007/7/5, Armin ranjbar <zoup@zoup.org>:
im a little bit of confused with this Kvm over ip technology :

you know , lots of Vendors are now providing Kvm Over IP service and allow people
to install Debian on their servers ,

i know how this technology does work , but i dont know about Client mechanism of connection,
HOW can i connect to remote Kvm over ip service ? is there any software like remote desktop ?
is there anything else ? is there is no software and i need hardware ?

please advice :)

I used to use kvm ip devices that have had web interface with java
applet presenting the console in the www-browser  .
It;s something like vnc-java

Wojciech Ziniewicz
Unix SEX :{look;gawk;find;sed;talk;grep;touch;finger;find;fl
ex;unzip;head;tail; mount;workbone;fsck;yes;gasp;fsck;more;yes;yes;eje
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