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Re: Moving MySQL to its own host

On 6/26/07, Chris Wagner <wagnerc@plebeian.com> wrote:
At 11:50 AM 6/26/2007 +1200, Simon wrote:
>We have a XenEnterprise Server running all debian sarge guests. One of
>the guests is our client web server (Apache/MySQL/PHP). I have read
>that there can be a performance boost in moving the mysql onto its own
>host. Would this be worth looking at?

An alternative to moving it to another host is to move it's directory
structure onto it's own RAID controller.  IMHO large databases should always
be on their own RAID controllers.  U'll need to collect statistics about
what app is using what amount of cpu/memory/IO to determine the right mix
and distribution of apps.

Thanks for the replies so far.. To note, we are using a HP DL380G5
with 4 disks in RAID1+0 on dom0. Essentially we are using the web host
guest to host about 2-300 websites, mostly PHP/MySQL applications (our
CMS product).

What is the best way to go about determing the cpu/mem/io for the apps?

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