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Re: Migrating mysql4 to etch

> On Jun 08, Marek Podmaka illuminated :

> I want to upgrade one of my servers from sarge to etch, but it is
> running mysql4.0 with more than 100 customer databases. As I see there
> is no mysql4.0 package in etch.
there are a couple of choices.
- run the 4.1 mysql from dotdeb.org
- upgrade to 5.0.32

There are known bugs in 5.0.x, where x < 34 in InnoDB.  (but not MyISAM)

Either way, it is possible to migrate with minimal impact.

- Grab a separate database server and install your new MySQL on to it.
- Turn on database replication from old -> new
  (new == slave, old == master)
- Watch your databases propogate onto the new server
- At a convenient time, switch the configuration options in your
  applications to point to the new database server
- profit!

See :
for known issues with replication
you /should/ be able to replicate from 4.0 ->4.1/5.0 with little issues.


Jean-Paul Blaquiere

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