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Re: Debian Exim 4.63 / Greylisting

Hi Craig,

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 02:37:59PM +0200, Craig Schneider wrote:
> We have installed Exim 4.63 on our Debian Etch system, with greylisting.

Do you use greylistd or postgrey? I've found greylistd can't cope with
moderate load (couple hundred thousand connections/day), it will just die.
Postgrey + exim works just fine for loads well over 500K/connections/day.

> The greylist config script put an entry in the begginning of the ACL
> section and I was wondering if it would not perhaps be better after the
> sender verfy? AFAIK sender verify's are less expensive checks, compared
> to greylisting?

I do greylisting first, and then sender verification. The latter generates
extra traffic and generates load on other people's mailservers. Greylisting
is very lightweight and certainly a lot quicker than sender verification,
particularly if the remote mailserver is slow/far away/misconfigured.

> My thinking is to have the sender_verffy happening first. If the address
> can be verified then it gets passed to greylistd else it gets dropped.

I'd do it the other way around.


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