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RE: Strange module load behaviour

Buenas tardes, Carlos

A la hora de montar parciciones existe la opción de marcarlas con una etiqueta. Deberías mirar el comando 'e2label', pues creo que en fstab se puede indicar la partición según esta etiqueta en vez de /dev/sdb o /dev/sda

Un saludo.

Good Evening, Carlos

You can see 'e2label' command yo assign a label to your disk and mark this way, i think, in fstab.

Thanks and sorry for my English.

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I have installed Debian sarge (from a custom made CD with kernel 2.6.18) in a Sun Fire X4100 M2 server with a hardware RAID1.

When Debian boots, the disc name is either sda or sdb (in the installation is all ways sdb though), this obviously makes Debian unbootable when the fstab doesn't match the disc device name.

It seems that is related to the module load order, when it loads usb_storage before the disc module, the disc is sdb, but the other way around is sda. Adding usb_storage to blacklist partially solves the problem, it seems like in single user mode blacklist is not red

Any hint on this? can I decide de module load order?

Thank you.

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