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Software TAP

Hi fellow Debian users,

I am currently researching the many setups of snort. I am after advice on the most practical tap setup to get the most out of snort. The ideas that have currently been presented to me are as follows:

- Hub between router (pri internet connection) and 1st main switch(collisions are a concern with this)
- Using the SPAN port if my switch has it (un-sure at present)
- Or build a Debian solution and configuring the network cards in bridged mode
- Hardware tap

What are the best ideas for a tap? Are any of the above suitable solutions for a tap? My network is under medium traffic, serving around 10 websites and 20 email accounts, across 2 servers currently, will be expanding to 4 in the near future(waiting on second net connection). 1gig average daily bandwidth.

Kind regards,

Julian De Marchi

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