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Re: finding virtual server

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 07:18:03AM -0700, Kancha . wrote:
> thanks for the prompt response. I have no idea
> regarding virutal servers. I upgraded the kernel using
> aptitude and the server did not come up. This is a
> colocation servers so i don't have physical access. I
> update the system (including kernel) frewquently but
> have never come accross my other debain servers.

  Could just be a ramdisk not having the drivers loaded
 to bootup.

> So was wondering if the colo server is actually a
> virtual server. Does virtual server have such issues
> with kernel update ?

  colocation generally means the hoster accepts your
 physical server and plugs it into their racks - so it
 is extremely unlikely.

  Still the hosting facility would be able to tell you..


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