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Re: no buffer space available

Op 20-mrt-2007, om 14:20 heeft Timur Irmatov het volgende geschreven:

On 3/20/07, Maarten Vink <vink@interstroom.nl> wrote:
Neighbour table overflow
Sounds like an arp table overflow; this means you either have a *LOT* of
hosts attached to your network, or some weird routing going on.

no, not really.. now, after reboot, ip nei|wc -l reports ~250 hosts,
and about ~100 on other server.

That would qualify as "a lot" ;) You said you had about 500 PPPoE interfaces in total, so I expected a larger amount. 

I don't really think that the problem is caused by a large number of
hosts. I suppose that kernel hits some limit on some of it's caches,
and therefore fails to create both sockets and new arp entries... But
I could be wrong..

Anything else?

What's the output of /proc/slabinfo in a "normal" and "error" situation? That would give you some indication of the amount of memory allocated for, among other things, the ARP cache. Also, what kernel version are you running? 


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