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Re: amavisd-new not rewriting headers

++ 19/03/07 07:21 +0100 - Martin Zobel-Helas:
>Look if $mydomain is set correctly. in most cases, when mail is not
>tagged by amavisd-new, $mydomain ins't set (corretly). It needs to match
>the inbound domains.

This is not entirely correct. You have $mydomain which is not used by
amavisd at all except at one, for now, irrelevant point. The variable
that does do what you tell is $local_domains_acl. That domain is by
default set to $mydomain, but may be defined differently. I have:

  $local_domains_re = new_RE( qr'.*'i );

This causes amavis to scan all e-mail that is sent to it. I have made
some changes in Exim, causing e-mail that should not be scanned, not to
be sent to amavis at all. In my case, any e-mail that is sent to amavis
should be scanned (and tagged).

Other variables are also involved in tagging or header rewriting. For
example,  $sa_tag_level_deflt, which I have set to "-9999" which will
cause all e-mail to be tagged, even if it is non-spam.

The original poster may also want to look at the section "No spam-
related headers inserted?" in the amavis faq. It can be found here: 

Rejo Zenger <rejo@zenger.nl> https://rejo.zenger.nl

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