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Re: high performance caching bind server

Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> I currently have a few servers running bind9 (9.2.4-1sarge2) serving
> an average 750 requests per second running on Debian/sarge.  kernel-2.4.32
> (the stats say: low: 0.00, peak: 2500, avg: 750)
> We are experiencing some ... oddities, where after a few days, the
> receive buffer (8M) fills up and doesn't empty - leaving new requests
> unanswered.

I've had the same problem running bind9 (9.3.2, kernel 2.6.16), handling
~4000 queries per second at peak time. Never really figured out what is
the reason for it.

In my case I've upgraded to 9.4 and it solved the problem. If I remember
correctly, some memory issues were fixed in this release that could be
related to this problem.

Tadas Miniotas

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