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Re: high performance caching bind server

Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
What do people use/recommend for high performance name serving?
I currently have a few servers running bind9 (9.2.4-1sarge2) serving
an average 750 requests per second running on Debian/sarge.  kernel-2.4.32
(the stats say: low: 0.00, peak: 2500, avg: 750)

We are experiencing some ... oddities, where after a few days, the
receive buffer (8M) fills up and doesn't empty - leaving new requests
A restart of the named processes fixes this, however, it's a caching
only server, and flushing the cache every couple of days defeats its
reason for existance :P
It's either a bind problem, a kernel issue, or something in between.

We're either going to replace these, or if there is something we can do
to poke it and make them happier, we'll do that.

Any ideas?

Use daily:
#rndc flush

Best regards,
Adrian Minta MA3173-RIPE, MA314-ROTLD, www.minta.ro

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