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Please help!

                        Alin can be saved
Alin is 6 years old and he has acute leucemia and he was 4 years old when she found out.His parents are only some shadows with last looks,looking for Gods mercy.Thei have another child George is 10 yers old and who can donate Alin spinal marow for the transplant.The operation can't be done here but in Israel and it costs 80000$.God bless you for your big heart!There have been pet 20000$ in a few months.The sum will grow with your help.The disease follows its irreversible way and Alin is to young to die.And if you had other friends ho had money to help us please send to this account:Ro63RNCB5080C47282391472 USD.God bless you all and thank you for your help!The account are open on the names:Vladu Alin-Gigi. You cand replay to us at help.union@gmail.com . If you want to see a picture with Alin just do one click on this link   http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/2627/imagesug9.jpg. Good Day!

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