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Re: network analyzer

--On February 14, 2007 7:16:02 PM -0500 Chris Parker <chris_parker@adelphia.net> wrote:

OK I will rephrase my question.  I combined the two together.  Sorry
about that.  First off  I would like to know what the list would
recommend for network flow.  Showing bottlenecks, src and dst of
packets.  I have used ntop, and was curious what else was out there.

That's what I suspected is you either weren't clear or had two different things. I mostly use flow tools directly, with a handful of custom scripts, reports, etc gluing it together. There are some really slick commercial offerings out there but I haven't really used any of them extensively. flow tools requires your router produce c/j/sflow records and export them to the flow collector for later analysis.

The other question was geared toward system monitoring.  Nagios looks
promising.  I was wondering what others were using, and what would be

I use nagios pretty much exclusively. Most of the checks require no custom software on the clients which for us is a huge boon. Further it can be setup in a distributed manner (which for checking 1200+ elements you'll quite possibly need to do depending on what sorts of checks you're doing).


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