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Re: network analyzer

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Michael Loftis wrote:
> I can't recommend ntop.  It's really buggy and really really resource
> intensive.  Besides what he seems to be talking about is active service
> checks, not network monitoring.  So the original poster needs to
> straighten out what they actually want.  Network Analysis or network
> monitoring or host/service monitoring.  Three VERY different things.
> --On February 15, 2007 12:13:28 AM +0100 Gilles Mocellin
> <gilles.mocellin@free.fr> wrote:
>> Le mercredi 14 février 2007 15:28, Chris Parker a écrit :
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am looking for recommendations for a network analyzer for a 1200 pc,
>>> multiple switches and routers, size network.
>>> Nagios groundworks opensource looks promising.  Mapping and showing
>>> possible problems looks good.
>>> Google searches bring back alot of choices, but I would like real world
>>> experience advice from my fellow Debian users.
>> No one speaks about ntop !
>> You have also fprobe + flowscan.
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OK I will rephrase my question.  I combined the two together.  Sorry
about that.  First off  I would like to know what the list would
recommend for network flow.  Showing bottlenecks, src and dst of
packets.  I have used ntop, and was curious what else was out there.

The other question was geared toward system monitoring.  Nagios looks
promising.  I was wondering what others were using, and what would be

thanks for the responses
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