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Re: nis+nfsv3 sucessors: ldap+kerberos5+(afs|nfsv4)

On Tue, Dec 26, 2006 at 06:30:58PM +0100, Jorge Salamero Sanz wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm moving a nis+nfsv3 setup (over 20-30 clients) to his logical successor 
> which i think is ldap for users accounts and kerberos5 for auth.
> i'm in doubt which network filesystem to use: nfsv4 or openafs.
I've looked at openafs as a successor to nfs3 at work (all RHEL,
unfortunately).  Basically, the question comes down to whether you have
a centralized pool of storage you want to make available to lots of
clients or whether you have lots of little bits of storage scattered all
over the place you want to pool.

If you are using nfs3, I'll assume the former.  In that case, nfs4 might
work well for you.  You might also want to consider Red Hat's cluster
suite and/or GFS, or OCFS (the Oracle Cluster FS).  GFS and OCFS support
is in the latest kernels and they are both available under the GPL and I
would imagine can be made to work with Debian.  At this point I am
leaning toward GFS for the deployment at work.

Not having deployed any of these yet, I can't give you any more detailed



Roberto C. Sanchez

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