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nis+nfsv3 sucessors: ldap+kerberos5+(afs|nfsv4)

hi all,

i'm moving a nis+nfsv3 setup (over 20-30 clients) to his logical successor 
which i think is ldap for users accounts and kerberos5 for auth.

i'm in doubt which network filesystem to use: nfsv4 or openafs.

some of nfsv4 pros:
  closer to current nfsv3
  easier to setup in a mess of distros (debian, ubuntu, redhat and gentoo 

some of openafs pros:
  read-only volumes load balancing (i don't need it, currently)
  live server migration (the same as above)
  nice ACL management (I think NFS too)

it seems that nfsv4 is my option, but i'd like you read your comments and 
suggestions ...

neither of both have too much howtos or quick docs :-/


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