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Re: Apache with additional access file (.htaccess)

On 12 Dec 2006, at 11:03, Norbert Schuetz wrote:

Thx for the reply. Yes I know all that. The point is putting sth in the Apache config requires an Apache restart. For settings that might change frequently this is not an option. At least not on heavily loaded servers. So it seems I'm out of luck - or need to patch it in (although I'd rather avoid this).

If the box is heavily loaded, then having to seek for two *extra* files (for every single web request) will have a performance hit. If availability is important, cluster the site across several boxes and use something like ultramonkey.org or a http reverse proxy to split the load across two boxes. Then you can take a box out of the live pool in order to make your config changes, and availability is not hurt.

Regards, Andy Davidson
Freelance Systems Administrator.

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