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Apache2 plus SSL plus Webdav

Hello ALL,

I have been struggeling for some days now. What I want to create is
Apache2 running on Sarge with in:

/var/www/default stuff readable for public

and in

/var/www/secure several directories, each with restricted access
through https and - for subwebmasters -  webdav.


/var/www/secure/cie-music where a group can get content by passing an
id and pw in the browser and a subwebmaster with his own id and pw can
put content trough webdav.

/var/www/secure/cie-music idem with another group and another

I managed to get this running by using .htaccess and webdav directives
but therefore I created: 

the (symlink) config file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ssl listening
to port 1443 and

the (symlink) config file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/dav listening
to port 443 and

But I prefer to have both listening on port 443.
Does anyone know a way to realise this. Maybe another apraoch with
acl's ?? I search the web but nada.

Piet Knoester

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