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Re: freshclam cache?

On Mon, 04 Dec 2006 at  0:09:19 -0500, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> In a server farm, is there anyway to cache clamav updates (daily.cvd)
> such that all only one server needs to sync with the upstream as opposed
> to all 50?  I googled a bit and couldn't find anything relevant.

It's in FAQ.


   26. I'm running ClamAV on a lot of clients on my local network. Can I
       mirror the database locally so that each client doesn't have to
       download it from your servers?

     Sure, install a proxy server and then configure your freshclam
     clients to use it (watch for the HTTPProxyServer parameter in man
     freshclam.conf). Alternatively you can configure a local webserver
     on one of your machines (say machine1.mylan) and let freshclam
     download the *.cvd files from http://database.clamav.net to the
     webserver's DocumentRoot. Finally, change freshclam.conf on your
     clients so that it reads:
     DatabaseMirror machine1.mylan
     First the database will be downloaded to the local webserver and
     then the other clients on the network will update their copy of the
     database from it.

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