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Re: Hosting control panel


Sturla Holm Hansen a écrit :
> Hi list
> I'm trying to figure out which hosting control panel to use and I'm
> currently trying to try out alternc, but the documentation is only in
> french... :(
> Anyone know of any english documentation on this or have any suggestions
> to other hosting control panels I should check out?
AlternC is, in fact, a French-born project. We try to translate docs or
programs as much as possible, but it takes time ...

Anyway, this software IS alive and many things are currently in the
development pipe : a 2.0 rewrite, a new web desktop design, new modules
(e.g. automatic php software installation and configuration) etc.

you may give it a try (evene if still on 0.9) : just ask the
mailing-list <dev at alternc.org> : we will be glad to answer your
questions (in English of course).


Benjamin Sonntag
AlternC Hosting control panel software.

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