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Pinging Postmaster

Debian Postmaster,

Murphy has been in and out of Spamcop several times over the past
several days.  There have been the usual semi-informed rants on
debian-user but nothing that I can find from you.

Are you aware of the problem?

Is there any informed discussion of the problem?  If so where?

Are you working with Spamcop deputies to resolve the problem?
If not, why not?

It appears that the abuse contact of murphy's IP does not accept
Spamcop reports and was also out of date.  I've just refreshed
Spamcop's cache so that it picks up the lastest abuse contact
from whois.  However, there's still the problem that if
abuse@comdepot.com doesn't accept Spamcop reports they can't
pass them on to you for fixing.

Is it correct that abuse@comdepot.com doesn't accept Spamcop

If so, what are you doing about this?

Please reply to debian-user@lists.debian.org.

--Mike Bird

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