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Re: Debian modules

Hari Sekhon wrote:

I think I'm going to abandon debian's kernel altogether and go back to
custom kernels etc. One thing I notice though is that you can get a
lot of errors at boot about not being able to load various modules.

I'm absolutely loath to go to ubuntu but debian is really showing it's
age and is seriously lagging behind by today's standards. I just can't
bear the thought going over to ubuntu since it's founder pretty much
bought his way into the distro tables...

I wish debian would pull it's socks up and join the modern world....

Perhaps I've just been spoilt by the leaner and cleaner gentoo...


I can't understand why anyone still uses 2.4 today.

As for debian lagging behind - ?! Use SID if you want up to date - sarge if you want stable....

And if you need a new version of some packages, look at backports...




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