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Re: wich spam filter with exim4 ?

William Dode wrote:

I use exim4 without any global spam-filter, somes users uses spambayes
on the server side but it's too complicated and consume too much
resources to put it for every body. So i would like to add a global
spam-filter without any user interaction and easy to administer.

I looked about sa-exim + spamassassin which seems to be very efficient.
I try it a litle bit and it seems to work out of the box.

Can use it like that on production or should i read more documentation
to configure it ?

You may want to check out the exim wiki and/or join the exim-users mailing list. There are several ways to do content scanning in exim and most work very well:


Personally I've never used sa-exim; just configure exim to do what I want, which includes virus and spam scanning. :)


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http://www.saneinc.net | Provider of SpamOnion anti-spam service
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