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Re: Hardware recommendations for Debian server

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 11:21:48PM -0400, John Kelly wrote:
> Andy Smith wrote:
> >Here is a list of colo providers I use who do this for no or little
> >extra charge:
> How little is "little", and which is it?  Little, or no?

Oh come on can you not read web pages for yourself?  The Black Cat
and Jump sites show serial console access as being free, for
example.  You have to contact the sales person for the other two but
I think mine was free.  I am just not finding this a hard feature to
get for free or a cheap one-off, and it's really worth it when you
need it.

> >http://blackcatnetworks.co.uk/
> >http://www.jump.net.uk/
> >http://sonic.net/
> >http://layer42.net/
> >http://strugglers.net/wiki/Xen_hosting -- A Xen VPS hosting hobby
> >RAM  Swap  Disk  GB Monthly
> > 96   256    11  30     £12 
> 96 meg of RAM for 12 GBP?  My calculator says that's $22 US.

The service includes a bit more than a chunk of RAM; please compare
like for like in the locality in which it is offered.  If you want
to discuss my services and whether they are cost-effective or not
perhaps that is better done off-list or in another thread.  Not sure
when this thread became about me.

http://strugglers.net/wiki/Xen_hosting -- A Xen VPS hosting hobby
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