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Re: Debian modules

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
Jim Popovitch wrote:

The modules are detected and loaded by the installer during installation. After the initial reboot I login and remove all unnecessary packages (nfs, lpr, etc., including hotplug). I then set the modules I want loaded into /etc/modules (only 2, sd_mod and e100). I then reboot and 30+ modules are loaded, crazy ones like sound, etc.

Interesting. It has been a few months since I installed a Sarge system. I don't recall how it worked with the systems I installed. However, I do know that there are dependencies by some modules on others. Also, are you running packages that will load their own modules? For example, I know shorewall will load a whole bunch of iptables modules when it runs. Beyond that, I am not certain. I would be interested to find out what is going on that is causing this.

After the clean post-install reboot there is nothing else installed other than a minimal of Debian "required" packages. No services, no custom software, not even a kernel update. After editing mkinitrd.conf (and changing MODULES=most to MODULES=dep) and kernel-img.conf (setting do_symlinks = no) I then apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, reboot to the new kernel, and I still have all the modules (although my initrd is much smaller). FWIW, 2.4 kernel doesn't seem to have this issue, only 2.6 kernel.

-Jim P.

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