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Re: Mail, SMTP headers and things like that

I stand corrected.  Thank you, Martin, and apologies to all who got the wrong idea from my message.


martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach John Miller <jmiller@thecsl.org> [2006.06.05.2154 +0200]:
RFC 822 was the original specification--I don't remember what the
newer, superseding RFC is.
RFC 2822.

In any case, you're probably interested in the
"Reply-To:" header, which does what you're looking for.
No it does not. Bounces are sent to the envelope sender; an MTA
generating a bounce never looks inside the email, which is where
Reply-To and all other RFC 2822 fields are defined).

He wants to check out the envelope sender, which has nothing to do
with the headers in an email field, but rather the SMTP protocol as
defined in RFC 2821.


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