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Re: Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

Thomas wrote:

Matthew Sullivan wrote:

        The one thing that pissed off a lot of people (and suprised me
        because I have never had a listing at SORBS before, so I
        couldn't have known) is the part about a the so to call
        "delisting fine". Why are we forced to trust (SORBS) a
        organisation in donating funds to a good case that we are
        forced to provide to get delisted? SORBS has a financial
funnel to a random charity? How does this work?

    SORBS doesn't collect the money and forward it to charities - the
    person paying the fine pays to a charity (or SORBS nominated good
    cause) which will provide a receipt that SORBS admins can verify
independently (Yes there are some who forward fake receipts)
What happens when a charity has to pay the fine?

Its only happened once, and we let the Charity off upon proof that:

1/ They are a registered charity.
2/ Thay had fixed the problem.

On the other hand the Melbourne based company that markets itself as a charity when it is actually a non-profit and was supposedly a 'charity marketing company' that continued spamming was escalated and the listing followed it when it's ISP booted it.



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