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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

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Thomas Goirand (GPLHost) wrote:
>> SORBS doesn't collect the money and forward it to charities - the
>> person paying the fine pays to a charity (or SORBS nominated good
>> cause) which will provide a receipt that SORBS admins can verify
>> independently (Yes there are some who forward fake receipts)
> What happens when a charity has to pay the fine?

I've worked for two separate non-profit charities who have gotten put
into SORBS' list, neither had the resources to pay such a fine and what
happened is we complained to SORBS, and we complained to any ISP that
blocked us because they used SORBS' RBL. Nobody cared.

Don't use SORBS, and don't use SpamCop for RBLs. They are fine in
weighted spam systems, where they bring a modest influence to bear in
the final calculation, but as the sole arbitrator of email they are like
a customs agent who requires bribes, or one who spins a bottle to decide.

There are a lot of incredibly restrictive RBLs with amazingly obtuse
de-listing policies (or complete lack thereof), but these two are the
most well known. If you are going to pick RBLs, choose wisely.

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