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Re: Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

The one thing that pissed off a lot of people (and suprised me because I have never had a listing at SORBS before, so I couldn't have known) is the part about a the so to call "delisting fine". Why are we forced to trust (SORBS) a organisation in donating funds to a good case that we are forced to provide to get delisted? SORBS has a financial funnel to a random charity? How does this work?

SORBS doesn't collect the money and forward it to charities - the person paying the fine pays to a charity (or SORBS nominated good cause) which will provide a receipt that SORBS admins can verify independently (Yes there are some who forward fake receipts)

This delisting fee is not optional, but there is no external organisation that has any way of doing a check in how the SORBS organisation is setup, and financially is beeing maintained. This is a guess, and that's because of the lack of easy accessable information about this fee.. which brings me to the following:

It realy amazes me, the lack of immediate information about this "feature". SORBS, independent and all, but no clear overview in how this works.. a lack of advertisment?

Unfortunately all the details are there, just some never read them. The Overview page is a brief information page - the Spam DB FAQ is a full description.



So just to restate: SORBS does not collect or see any of the 'fines', at all or ever, regardless of what some will say. You can donate to SORBS, a SORBS donation will not be counted as a payment for the fine, and in the past when people have tried (three to date) we tell them they have the option of a refund or they can keep the donation to SORBS and pay the fine as per the rules. One listee requested a refund.

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