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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

On Mon, 1 May 2006, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > Your mail server has the queue in the same partition as the mailboxes?
> > Wierd.  All that unnecessary quota activity.
> All I am pointing out is that once you have accepted a message, you are
> wasting your organization's storage and resources already, so I don't
> really see the harm in dropping it in the user's mailbox and
> incrementing their quota information.

Not necessarily. Apart that i could have the mailbox and queues on
different partitions, setting a quota can be useful for user that retrieve
e-mail via webmail since -at least the program that i use- is uncapable to get email  when
there are more than 80 MB of mail ... (and the best one I know is
uncapable above 2GB). In these case i keep for one week in queue, but then
if the user does not clean something .....

Another problem for passing the list of acceptable addresses the seconday
mx: I must have the mailbox accepting e-mail as soon a new user request a
mailbox. however the mailbox is not created until i or some other
administrator does not check the the person requesting the account (via a
web page) has the right to do. This could need in the worst case of a
request on friday evening, up to next working day.
During this time the e-mails are accepted "under condition" and sent to a
special queue. A soon the account is actually created are delivered, if
the account is deemed as unvalid, the e-mails sitting on the queues are
send back.

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