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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

Matthew Sullivan wrote:


PS: dnsbl-users@sorbs.net is open subscription un-censored and the correct place to hold discussions about SORBS listings and policies... and oddly enough you'll find a lot of the SORBS users there (certainly more than on this list).

Is it the only correct place? No, and don't deny the people that have signed up for a debian list (focused on isp's) the joy of a discussion and a good flame war. It could have done without the personal stuff.. but ey, we're all human. With all the hubbub about SORBS having the right to do "this" or not, I never known about a couple of things.. regarding SORBS. This discussion wasn't useless at all.

It has left me with one or two questions unawanserd though.

The one thing that pissed off a lot of people (and suprised me because I have never had a listing at SORBS before, so I couldn't have known) is the part about a the so to call "delisting fine". Why are we forced to trust (SORBS) a organisation in donating funds to a good case that we are forced to provide to get delisted? SORBS has a financial funnel to a random charity? How does this work?

This delisting fee is not optional, but there is no external organisation that has any way of doing a check in how the SORBS organisation is setup, and financially is beeing maintained. This is a guess, and that's because of the lack of easy accessable information about this fee.. which brings me to the following:

It realy amazes me, the lack of immediate information about this "feature". SORBS, independent and all, but no clear overview in how this works.. a lack of advertisment?

Kind regards,

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