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Re: Re: Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

I knew it was a bad idea to reply. However, Keith is right, the thread has repeatedly gone to the personal insults, and considering SORBS is a large part of me, that means every post you have made.

He's a tip Mike, if you are such a good admin and good netizen, why don't you:

1/ Stop spam filter backscatter which is widely known to be 99.9999999% forged senders, and thus stop attacking innocent users. 2/ Admit that you are/were running a faulty system which was attacking innocent users. 3/ Stop making things up about SORBS - the mailbox your servers hit was a real user, not a spamtrap (or as you incorrectly term it a "honey pot") 4/ Program and setup a better DNSbl than SORBS - you seem to have some good ideas and you certainly indicate a superior knowledge on the subject. 5/ Let the list go back to a technical discussion within it's charter instead of slagging third party people and organisations. 6/ Resist the temptation to hijack another list with off-topic postings and spam all the users with this unfounded drivel and propaganda in an attempt to disguise the real issue (2).



PS: dnsbl-users@sorbs.net is open subscription un-censored and the correct place to hold discussions about SORBS listings and policies... and oddly enough you'll find a lot of the SORBS users there (certainly more than on this list).


To the moderator/owner of this list - sorry, however I believe someone should have said the above to Mike a long time ago, the technical discussion part being of interest to the list is still off topic.

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