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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 00:46, Craig Sanders wrote:
> the only non-whinge (i.e. valid) complaint mentioned was the possibility
> of being listed by SORBS because of a mailing list confirmation being
> sent to a (forged) SORBS honeypot address. while that would indeed be
> broken behaviour, 1. nobody has actually provided any proof that SORBS
> don't filter them out and 2. SORBS have every right to be broken if they
> want to....that would be yet another reason to not use the SORBS RBL,
> not to sue them.

Numerous real-world examples of problems caused by SORBS
have been cited in this thread.  Rather than repeat them,
I'll add one which I don't recall having been mentioned yet:
email forwarding.  Many of us on this list have numerous
webmaster@, security@, abuse@ etc accounts forwarded to
us from a ton of mail servers.  Each of those perfectly
reasonable forwards has a potential for backscatter.

Furthermore, legally sufficient proofs have been provided
here that several of SORBS' problems have occurred in
practice and caused problems for ISPs and customers.

Assertions that SORBS is somehow immune to tort action fall
to proof by example: ORBS.  Google ORBS and "Alan Brown"
if you have forgotten.

There are many RBLs, of which some are well maintained.  Best
to use them, not SORBS.

--Mike Bird

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