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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

At 10:10 AM 5/1/2006 +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
>and an RBL listing is a statement that spam has been received from a
>particular IP address - this is 1. a statement of verifiable fact (i.e.

Not necessarily.  This thread has brought up numerous cases where a non
spammer can have their address/IP caught up in one of SORBS's traps.  If ur
statement is accepted then any organization could be totally DOS'd by a
malicious user and SORBS.

>"truth"), and 2. not a defamatory statement - it identifies only an
>*IP Address*, it does not identify any particular individual (i.e. the
>plaintiff) so can not injure their reputation or expose them to public
>hatred, contempt, ridicule or degradation.

That is not true.  That's like saying that 123 Main St. is a dirty spammer
and under ur breath saying "I'm only incriminating the address, not the
business".  There is a direct relationship between any IP address and the
person or business behind it.

"...ne cede malis"


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