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Re: Questions about software RAID level 1 (how long should it take to sync, etc?)

This one time, at band camp, Mike Garey said:
> Okay, I stopped the sync process by doing a sudo reboot.  After the
> reboot, I'm unable to boot from hdc1 which contains a copy of what was
> on hda1 (and of course now hda1 is hosed).


> .
> Begin: Mounting root file system...
> Begin: Running /scripts/local-top
> Done.
> ALERT! /dev/md0 does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!

My first advice is just to wait at that prompt for a few minutes, and
then look in /dev.  It can take a little while for the device node to be
created, and the scripts aren't that smart about it.  There has been
some discussion about sleeping until md0 is created or some time limit
expires, whichever comes first, but I haven't seen that implemented yet.

Good luck,
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