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Re: Which mail server?

Serhan D. KIYMAZ wrote:
I've installed qmail, dovecot, vpopmail, clamav, spamassain for mail sending and receiving on a RH EL4 server. Tomorrow I'll setup a new Debian server and move mail server on that machine. Dovecot IMAP works perfect with Outlook, but it doesn't support ACL. Courier has problems with Outlook. I never tried Cyrus before but it supports ACL. Is there known Outlook issues with Dovecot?
Dovecot is a lot faster than courier, no need to bench, you can even feel it using a webmail.
Is qmail is good enough or do I have to choose postfix or exim? Which one and why?
Qmail is pretty good, but the stock qmail-src package given by Debian is IMHO not enough to have a good setup. I suggest that you have a look to qmail-spp or qmail-rocks package and compile from source. Postfix has the good advantage to be available as binary with all needed options. Something like that will give you a working system very fast:

apt-get remove exim4 exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light nfs-common portmap pidentd pcmcia-cs pppoe pppoeconf ppp pppconfig pidentd

apt-get install postfix postfix-mysql postfix-tls sasl2-bin libsasl2 libsasl2-modules mlmmj courier-authmysql courier-imap courier-pop courier-maildrop squirrelmail

The only real problem I found with Dovecot is that I found no way of doing traffic accounting with it (it doesn't even log it).


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