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Re: Courier IMAP - Outlook 2003

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, mail.xxx is the name of profile.
When I Telnet from Windowx box, everything seems fine. I can read mails...
But Outlook doesn't connect :(

Andy Davidson wrote:

On 16 Feb 2006, at 07:39, Serhan D. KIYMAZ wrote:

"A connection to the server can not be established. mail.xxx.com.tr is now
offline mode"

Is mail.xxx the name of the profile that you use to collect the mail ? I would keep the profile name in Outlook different to every other useful name so that the error messages keep problems between the server, auth, and config very separate. Can you log into the imap server via telnet from the windows box ? First hunches sound like you've done nothing wrong, and this could be a connectivity thing.


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