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Re: ISPConfig packages?

Hans du Plooy wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I'm trying to get ISPconfig up and running on a server, and I keep
>having problems.  I've managed to get through the setup now, but it
>still doesn't put anything in the mysql database - it's completely
>blank, meaning I can't log in or use it at all.  I've looked for a .sql
>file to fill the db with, but couln't find anything.
>So that's my first question - what's supposed to be in the db?
>Secondly, to make installing and upgrading easier in the future, are
>there any prebuilt packages available for Debian Sarge?
Hi Hans, I'm thinking you may find some better answers for this in the
ispconfig forums.

Highest Regards,

Rodney Richison
RCR Computing
118 N. Broadway
Cleveland, OK  74020

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