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Re: sarge: postfix/courier/postgresql and maildir quotas

martin f krafft wrote:

Hi all,

I am trying to enable maildir quotas for a virtual hosting setup on
a sarge machine, using postfix as MTA and courier for IMAP. Our
users are defined in a postgresql database. Everything works, but
I cannot figure out how to support individual quotas.

postfix in sarge does not have the VDA patch, that is there is no
virtual_mailbox_limit_maps parameter. Courier's maildrop in sarge is
pre 1.5 and can do quotas just fine, but it cannot talk to
PostgreSQL -- this was added in 1.8, which is currently in
experimental only. Thus, it's a tricky situation with no clear
solution: patch postfix and use a custom package, or backport all of
courier to sarge? in both cases, i'll lose security support.

What do people do instead?

You may read this:

Best regards,
Adrian Minta

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