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Re: sarge: postfix/courier/postgresql and maildir quotas


postfix in sarge does not have the VDA patch, that is there is no
virtual_mailbox_limit_maps parameter. Courier's maildrop in sarge is
pre 1.5 and can do quotas just fine, but it cannot talk to

One of the things, which gets me frustrated :)
Maildrop's gone beyond 2.0 and has had a change in authentication system, etc.

PostgreSQL -- this was added in 1.8, which is currently in
experimental only. Thus, it's a tricky situation with no clear
solution: patch postfix and use a custom package, or backport all of
courier to sarge? in both cases, i'll lose security support.

I've used both Postfix VDA patch as well as Maildrop 1.8. In my experience, postfix with VDA patch doesn't work too well. Whereas maildrop works fine and has scaled up very well.
IMHO, backporting maildrop might be the better solution. But of course, you know much better ;-)


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