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Re: missing disk space

Thank you everyone for your help. The culprit was mysql.

Though lsof didn't show the problem directly, it pointed me in the right direction. Mysql was hanging on to a bunch of old log files, but lsof said they were all zero length. There were also about 300 tcp connections, when netstat was showing me only 19. I figured that, whether it is the problem or not, it should be restarted. Once I did that, the problem disappeared. Then I broke out the lime vodka.

Long story short (too late), the daily mysqladmin flush-logs wasn't working properly because of a password change.

Thanks again for the help.

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martin f krafft wrote:

First thing to check: are there still processes holding handles to
files on /var? If yes, and these files are big, then the above
output will be exactly like you see it.

lsof is your friend.

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