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RE: Dynamic or Static routing

Thanks you all for the answers!!!

Saludos. Pablo.

PD: These answers are not for me, but for my boss!!

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If you need to ask these questions then static routing is more than  

You need dynamic routing where you have multiple paths through your  
IE: Load balancing/ Fail-over lines inside your network. (Although  
you could
use metrics and static routes here if it is a very simple network).

RIP is NEVER a solution for a service provider. OSPF and IS-IS are two
of the most used solutions, although I do know of one instance where  
a larger
provider ran there customer routes through iBGP.

These requirements also change on whether you want to run MPLS in  
your core.

My recommendation - if you have a simple network, keep it simple by  
using statics.


On Feb 6, 2006, at 11:40 PM, Léo Goehrs wrote:

> Static routes is definitely a bad idea, in medium to large  
> nerworks, prefer OSPF☺
> Leo Goehrs
> Hello,
>             Do anyone use or have a complete static-routing based  
> network for customers (Cable Modem, DSL, dial-up, etc.) and/or  
> backbone? Why static routing could be better than dynamic routing  
> (RIPv2 or OSPF)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Saludos. Pablo.

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