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Re: [OT] Rackmount Cases w/PS?

Hi.  I'm in the southwest USA.

I second the recommendation on SuperMicro for inexpensive rack mount
systems.  They don't offer chassis-only, as best I know,  but they offer
fully built systems without the OS and bare bones systems.

I had a project back in 2001 where I built out three racks of eighty or
so 1U SuperMicros, and then have worked with a few dozen since then.
They are simple, work, and at a decent price.

Building my own from chassis can be more trouble than it's worth, so
I've found in experience.  This is especially true with 1U systems.
With 2U and greater you have a little more flexibility because space
isn't quite so tight.

I would recommend a bare bones sort of thing, where you can add the
processors, RAM, and storage to meet your needs.

On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 11:36:48PM +0100, L?o Goehrs wrote:
> I would recommend SuperMicro cases, I have few dozens of them, and they works very nicely. The PIV runs very smoothly in it :)
> I on ly have 1U rackmount of them
> L?o

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