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[Weird problems with INTEL Ethernet Card]


My ethernet card was on 32bit/33mhz PCI slot. Now it is on 64bit/66mhz
PCI-X slot. Is there someone that can tell me why I can't get througput
performance x2? As far as I know if I get 400Mbps+(TX) and 300Mbps+(RX) on
32bit/33mhz PCI, then If I put my card on 64bit/66mhz PCI-X I should get
more througput not less right? But in practic I get less traffic througput
than more. If I use Ethernet Cards that are integrated on the motherboard
then I don't have any problems and everything work as expected. Also on
PCI 32bit/33mhz when I reach around 700mbps I get high latency and packets
loss.  The same situation on PCI-X 64bit/66mhz when I reach around

PCI 32bit/33mhz: max. over 700mbps both directions.
PCI-X 64bit/66mhz: max. around 600mbps+ both directions.

Distro: Debian
Kernel: 2.6.15
RAM: 2G Kingston DDR2 400mhz ECC
CPUs: 2xXeon 3.2Ghz 800FSB 1mb l2 cache

# Intel Ethernet Card #

Model: PWLA8490MT
Chipset: 82545GM



# SuperMicro MotherBoard #

Model: X6DAL-B2


P.S. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!



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