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Re: bind over MySQL

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Hi list,

I'm upping this post because, I came back to it and thought about an architecture than could do the job.

I'm thinking about setting up a MyDNS server which will be availiable to modify the zones but will not answer any queries, nor be registered as a Nameserver in the whois DB.

The two actual DNS Serveur would keep Bind9 and would become configured as slaves to the MyDNS servers. These two will answer queries from the outside world and will be the two nameservers registered in the WHOIS DB as authoritative for the zones.

IMHO that would fits our needs, and I would like to have your advice on this.

Thanks in advance


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Shane Chrisp wrote:
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Hi list

We are setting up a bind9 configuration interface (using PHP)  for
internal use.  We have a few zones under the bind9 server. As the
zone have to be edited very often and the interface should not edit
zone files directly for security reasons, I'm looking for a way for
bind9 to lookup the zone information directly in an SQL DB (MySQL
preferably).  I don't if there if bind is SQL aware or not.

Do any of you have any experience with this kind of problem ?

If it cannot be done we will be writing system script (and cron them)
to rebuid the zone files from a database.

Any idea ?

Any GPL work done on this we could reuse ?

If your not worried about keeping Bind, have a look at MyDNS.
I have been running it for about 2 years and one server has
just served its 10 million'th query. It doesnt have all the
features that Bind has, but run under daemontools it has
worked flawlessly for us here and it comes with a php frontend.

There are also scripts to such the existing bind files into mysql.


It's not hard to convert tiny->bind, but it's hard going the other way.
It's a lot better to keep with tiny though.


We use tinydns and nictool/mysql to manage it with much less problems than
using bind and other apps.


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