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Re: DNS return single IP for any domain

kancha wrote
>I want to create a view such that clients
>beloging to that view are returned the same
> IP for any domain they request. Is it possible ?

Christofer Algosson wrote:
Restrict webaccess?
This has been discussed may times before, please search the lists.

Actually, I've been reading this list for about a year and don't recall too much converstaion on what I think the OP asked.

However, the OP's question is hard to parse. Perhaps he'd clarify?

Perhaps the question could be asked:

	Can I munge bind so it always returns the same
	IP no matter what domain is queried ?

	Can I redirect all http requests to a page I control?

		These links are vaugely in the area you
		are asking for:


google search words  might be:

		"transparent proxy"

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