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Re: Courier IMAP configuration

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 09:49:26PM -0600, R. W. Rodolico wrote:
> I have a client using Eudora to check e-mail off my courier imap
> server. Occasionally, he gets a "aborted by user" message when
> Eudora is checking mail. According to Eudora's web site, this is
> cause by having a mailbox open and Eudora receiving a timeout from
> the imap server.
> I've looked for a way of increasing the timeout (the suggestion on
> Eudora's web site) but do not see any configuration information in
> any of the documentation on the machine (man and /usr/share/doc) or
> on the web site.
> Anyone know where I can find documentation on how to set the timeout
> on a courier imap server?
I didn't see any mention in the man pages (imapd, couriertcpd, courier) 
of timeout for imapd.

Maybe you are hitting maxperip or maxperc limit (default = 5 for each)?
Should be logged if you are.o


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