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Re: How to run three PostgreSQL redunant

El Lunes, 14 de Noviembre de 2005 18:38, Michelle Konzack escribió:
> Hello *,
> in conjunction of my previous E-Mail I am running a 150 GByte PostgreSQL
> on a dedicated 1 TByte Raid-5.  Because I like to upgrade my ISP
> bandwith I must think on clustering my threee PostgreSQL Databases.
> Unfortunatly I have found not the right HOWTO's or manualks how to do
> this automaticaly.

For PostgreSQL with clustering support, you must either patch the 7.x version 
or upgrade to 8.x and the pgCluster patch, that will let you do multi-master 
replication between the servers.

> And second, I need something, which can redirect Database Requests
> to one of the two others if a server is overloaded.

For that you need a pool-controller/loadbalancer with replication support or 
without replication and a backend pool of PostgreSQL servers with 
multi-master replication.

> I have around 17.000 $USER and the three identic server have only
> 32 CPU's of 650 MHz with 64 GByte of memory and act as Database, file,
> mail and Web server.

I have more or least 10.000 users on a 4 machine email cluster, running 
GNU/Debian with qmail, courier-imap, dspam, squirrelmail and postgreSQL in 
multi-master mode as a backend to dspam, and all of them run with a 6Mbs + 4 
Mbs FR lines, more than 280.000 messages a day in average.

But all of that depends on the apps you run on the servers.

Best regards

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