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Re: Recommendations for new server model?

On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 00:13 -0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> If disk speed is *crucial*, there is a lot of stuff *MUCH* faster than
> consumer SATA drives.  From 15K RPM U320 SCSI drives on SANs with several
> GBs of memory cache or RAID controllers with a little less cache, to
> solid-state storage that leaves anything else into the dust (and costs an
> arm and a leg).
> Anyway, for a simple RAID1, SATA is probably a more cost-effective choice
> than SCSI by far.  And you are better of with software RAID than a
> non-top-notch RAID controller.
> But a top-notch RAID controller + SAF-TE hotswap bay will perform just as
> well, if not better, AND it will be operator-friendly. That can be *very*
> valuable depending on your needs.  These controllers are available for SATA
> or SCSI solutions.

I have just, last week, installed a SuperMicro 5014C-T 1RU server with
2x250Gb Seagate S/ATA drives mirrored using mdadm, 2Gb DDR2 ECC and
3.4Ghz LGA775 cpu and I must say that im very impressed with the unit. I
had to build a customer kernel to get everything to work nicely, but
other than that, the system performs really well and was a nice price
when compared to some of the name brands out there. This is the second
SuperMicro system we have bought and we will now be buying nothing but,
unless there is something special we need which they dont offer.


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